Artist Biography

(Born 1976, Santa Clara, California)

The often chaotic form in which abstraction takes hold could be considered a mirror image of the life of artist Brian Michael Jones. So naturally, he is drawn to opportunities of departing from reality to enter the world he feels more comfortable with, an unrecognizable reality.

When asked about the type of brushes and paints used in the creation of his art, people are usually surprised to hear that the iPhone's camera is his brush, the screen is his canvas, and the world is his paint.

With his primary focus set on using today’s modern technology to create his art, Brian is currently only wielding his iPhone. This form of photography is called iPhoneography, or in this instance Abstract iPhoneography.

Most of his photography does not reference a recognizable form. Therefore the results are deconstructed to the extent where meaning shifts and interpretation takes hold.

By creating these abstract images from nonabstract objects Brian brings into question this concept of reality, creating intense and personal moments that are masterfully created to lure the viewer into a deep gaze allowing them to experience a whole new world they never knew existed.

Brian Michael Jones currently resides and works in Seattle, WA.